melissa blue muhammad

Melissa Blue Muhammad

In June of 2018 my first-born child passed away during a tragic accidental drowning. At that point, I made a commitment to enjoy the rest of my days pursuing my passions and living on purpose. I resigned from my full-time job and transformed my decade-long hobby of wire wrapping crystals into an intentional practice that would ease my grief and accelerate my personal healing process after such a painful loss.

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What Is "Allah Mode?"

The crystals and metals we use to create our jewelry also support the earth in maintaining its balance and protecting life on it from harmful components outside of its atmosphere. Considering that human beings are comprised of the same materials of the earth, we can leverage the power of these resources to bring harmony to our lives. With the desire to help others overcome personal challenges and unlock the potential within, Allah Mode provides personalized jewelry design services to address the emotional, physical, and spiritual healing needs of customers.

The name Allah Mode has a dual meaning. In French “a la mode” is often used to describe a dessert served with ice cream--although the words actually translate to “in fashion or up to date.” This term is reflected through our process of using ancient materials to create modern fashion. At a deeper glance, we took Allah, the Arabic name for God, and “Mode,” meaning “style or manner,” and created the name Allah Mode which means God Style. God simply said, “Be”, and created in the universe. Our goal is to inspire others to activate that creative power within them and align with the best of who they while wearing beautiful pieces of healing wearable art.