Healing Pendants
Healing Pendants
Healing Pendants
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Healing Pendants

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Healing Crystal Pendants hand wrapped in copper on 24 inch copper ball-bar chain. Wrap style and crystal appearance may vary. See descriptions below:

Hematite – Security, EMF Protection, Grounding, Blood Regulation

Black Tourmaline—Self-Determination, Health, Pain Relief, Transmutes Negative Energy

Shungite – Filters Toxins from mind and body, EMF Shield, Balance, Focus

Red Jasper – Reduces Anxiety, Connects to Earth, Focuses in the Now

Smoky Quartz – Removes Pesky Influences, Purification, Protection

Carnelian – Creativity, Vitality, Confidence, Healing from Abuse

Mookaite – Ancestry, Knowledge of Self, Adaptability

Tiger’s Eye – Focus, Motivation, Reflects Energy, Strength

Citrine – Happiness, Prosperity, Abundance, Attraction

Aragonite – Releases Energy Blocks, Manage Patience through Growth, Thoughtful Responses

Rose Quartz – Universal Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gentleness

Rhodonite – Rooted and Protected in love, Healing from Emotional Wounds

Bloodstone – Endurance through Pain, Difficulty and Struggle, Blood Cleanser, Zest

Aventurine – Good Fortune, Love, Leadership, Harmony

Unakite – Unity, Growing Together, Pregnancy, Modernizing old ideas

Turquoise – Vibrate Higher, Healing, Tranquility, and Triumphs

Apatite – Confidence to say “no,” Recognize and Overcome Deception, Discipline

Chrysocolla – New Inspirations, Expands World View, Making your Word Bond

Sodalite – Clarifies Communication, Calms Stammering, Soothes Panic Attacks, Rational Thought

Lapis Lazuli – Self-Expression, Balance, Intuitive Leadership, Truth

Lepidolite – Balances the Mood, Cools Anxiety and Dissolves Depression

Labradorite – Reflects Inner Beauty, Calms Overactive Mind, Stimulates Healthy Imagination

Amethyst – Sobriety of Mind and Body, Releases Worry and Stress, Regulates Sleep

Moonstone – Nurturing, Femininity, Regulates Moon Cycles, Increase Facility

Howlite – Peace, Patience, Release Anger, Chill Mode

Clear Quartz – Clarity, Energy, Amplified Thought, Manifestation, Healing